Gili’s Clans

20130828_202900First Sparks

Gili 13, Eszter 10+, Nadine 10

First play for Eszter. Gili did an excellent job getting ahead and staying there. She took an early fire, Eszter took one later along with the field bonus, and Gili had the pay one less food card. I had a slow start, Eszter did better than me despite it being her first game. We’ve still never made it to the Shuffle card or new board arrangements. And we’ve been playing one rule wrong since the beginning – when you place a second person, you have to pay two additional food, not one, and three for a third person; you count the resulting clan members, not the number that are there when you go in. Gili and I had started playing R-Eco before Eszter arrived, but we didn’t get far.


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