New games at Eszter’s

Eszter, Nadine, David, Avi, Gili, Eric, Jacob

We were at Eszter’s to check out her impressive collection of around 80 games.


Avi 39, David 39, Nadine 38, Eszter 36

A light abstract game designed by Andreas Seyfarth who designed Puerto Rico. For us, there’s no comparison, we don’t really like abstracts. It took a while to catch on to the strategy. Avi did a good job of selecting the right pieces at the right time and spreading himself around the board. David went last so knew he could get the tallest building bonus. During scoring he realized that if he had made another building the tallest, he would have tied with me for first place instead of with Avi.

20130821_220750Stone Age

Eric+, Gili, Jacob

Gili taught this to Eric and his son Jacob, both new to the group, but Eric usually works U.S. time so has a hard time attending. Eric played well to beat Gili at a game she’s good at, and it shows she did a good job of teaching.


Avi 97, Eszter 85, Nadine 83, David 73

I had heard about this and was interested in playing. Eszter plays it a lot with her kids. It wasn’t so easy to understand everything, especially the interaction between the art and bonus tiles. We made mistakes due to that, and it being our first play. I held back and then got 3 good tiles including the highest, but it wasn’t enough, I didn’t get more tiles after that. David and Eszter miscalculated a bit, but it’s hard not to because you don’t know which tiles the others are saving up. Avi did very well by getting the right cubes and getting tiles with them. David would have done much better if he had realized that a tile that he could get might still be available, but he did well with a bonus card for the white tower thing. We liked the game, it has interesting new mechanics such as the time you get up in relation to mood and the bonus worker benefit. It’s interactive and you can plan but only to a certain extent because other players can take tiles you want, and there’s some luck. David had two of each color on six tiles instead of 3 of a color to get a bonus. The theme isn’t so Christian, only on one or two cards, most of the main fresco is from our Bible.


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