Close games

Gili, Eszter, Nadine

David was going to come with Avi but wasn’t feeling well.

Walnut Grove

20130814_210110Nadine 26, Eszter 20, Gili 19

Eszter had played once but didn’t remember much, but it’s easy to catch on. You never get to do everything you want. I was able to plan but it’s still hard. I was lucky with tiles, they were all pretty good, and I managed to get 4 closed areas. I took two bonus tiles though I lost coin points because I didn’t have the cubes. If I had realized I’d have closed areas I would have taken that bonus tile, but I got points from the points for bonus tiles one and for huts. Eszter had a bonus tile for huts, she had bought a hut and barn, I just had a barn, Gili had for coins. Eszter took 4 coins at the end instead of a farmer, but only got one point. Gili had 4 workers, one more than we did. She didn’t realize that the board edge didn’t count as closed in, but since that was the last tile she placed we let her move to where it did close in an area. Gili and Eszter sold at the end so I couldn’t, I got my second bonus tile. We enjoyed playing the game.

Louis XIV

20130814_213937Gili 55, Eszter 54, Nadine 53

Gili’s favorite game, though it’s work to play, a lot of thinking. I thought I had bad cards but they weren’t so bad. I couldn’t get a second card on my first turn and lost a chip, same thing happened to Gili later. The game is easier and less competitive with 3. We played with Gili’s card point variant. Gili had 6 points from shields, I had eight, and Eszter had 20. I had mentioned at the beginning that someone once won on shields, which is almost what Eszter did because she had far fewer cards than we did.



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