Eitan 34, Emily 32, Nadine 29

20130807_212322Somewhat meaningless scores. Emily and Eitan got this for half price in the states last month. They had read the rules, once I saw the game I realized I had played several times, not recently. So we went through the rules and set up. I looked up the card quantities for 3-player, and told Emily to sort the cards into A’s and B’s, and told Eitan to take 2 of each A and one of each B, then shuffle and make piles with A’s first. I didn’t mention blue when I gave Eitan his color choices, so he switched from green to blue. We pretty much understood how to play, though it’s harder to understand symbols than text. I was behind at the very beginning because I got Mining, but once I got going with it I was far ahead for a while. Emily and Eitan had way more cards than I did, so they caught up and passed me. At one point I realized that I hadn’t deducted 1 of each point when I transferred a worker, so I gave up 4 points as a penalty, which greatly affected my ability to buy a card that turn.

20130807_221312The game was moving quickly, we weren’t anywhere near the 32 mark when the cards ran out. That meant I couldn’t do anything at all to move forward, because I had placed all my workers and couldn’t buy cards. So I looked at the cards and checked – Eitan had put in one of each A and B. You’d think we would have noticed earlier but the game was new to them*, and I haven’t played with 3. So we put the A cards back into the game so that at least I could continue playing, since we had played totally wrong anyway. We also missed that the production track continues beyond the victory end point row and you get no income on the last two spots, but that didn’t affect the game. Emily and Eitan did better than me because they had more cards that gave them discounts, so they were able to get the strong cards at the end. Eitan had a lot of money, low workers and medium storage, Emily had a low money strategy with lots of workers, which worked well because she didn’t need high production and was able to advance fine in victory points on her 2-cost tile. We played that you could get more than one card in a round but no one did.

*So they learned how to play their new game, except – I thought I remembered playing with Emily and Eitan, I was partly wrong – they had played, but I wasn’t in the game, February 9 2010.



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