Gili’s moral victory

Gili, David, Ori, Nadine


Ori 77, Nadine 35, Gili 34, David 30

20130731_205125David asked about other games with dice for actions, similar to Alien Frontiers which we played last week, so I started showing him Troyes. Gili likes the game (she entered us in a Z-Man contest on Facebook this week but we didn’t win), Ori came while we were setting up and explaining. Ori was way ahead, similar to with Ladies of Troyes, except this time it was legal. He had guys on all the red cards, including one that gives points per card, and one helped get cards, and he had the card bonus and 5 or 6 cards. He attacked everyone, making us lose most of our dice; he paid attention to attacking when we couldn’t retaliate, our group hasn’t played like that much. He had 5 in the red building at the end, plus some others.

David had a harder time because it was his first play, but he used the cards he was on well. I started off with my usual white dice and the castle, but that’s not as good of an investment as placing on cards, though I did have the castle bonus. I didn’t have enough yellow dice, and got kicked off, so I couldn’t use my yellow card well. I was on 3 cards for points, and took one card. The rest of us were close in score. Gili was also using the red card where you roll dice to see how many cubes you can place on cards, as was Ori; most of the game they rolled well with most of the dice above 3. On Gili’s last roll, she used dice to be able to roll 4, and got all ones and twos so she couldn’t even place one cube. So she couldn’t finish her card, though she did get end game points for 3 cubes left on. If she hadn’t had such a bad roll she would have been in second place. Which is a win if we don’t count Ori because he plays at a different level.

David & Goliath

Ori 49, Nadine 32, David 19

Ori hadn’t played, we described the game as very annoying. We restarted when David realized that points are positive. Ori did well, especially for his first play. Helped by me having no strategy; I kept leading because I was already over in most colors, he had less than two in most colors.


David 190, Nadine 120, Ori 110

David & Goliath led to Ori describing another trick-taking game, Wizard, which interested David. We looked up a few rules and played. It’s a hard game, I kind of got it by the end, but even with having no idea it’s better than David & Goliath. You have to bid and make that exact number of tricks, based on very little information, with more cards added each round. We played to 9 instead of 15 cards because it was late; Ori would have bid differently if he had remembered that we were on the last round. I made my number of tricks on the last round which gave me points, but otherwise I was mostly losing, and wouldn’t have come in second. The round before the score was David 140, Ori 130 and me 60.

I don’t have any good one-hour games, or any one-hour games, actually. They’re either short light fillers, or longer. The closest is Lo Ra, but we played last week.


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