Ra and Lo Ra

David, Ori, Nadine

Daniel was planning on coming but had to work.

Alien Frontiers

Nadine 10, David 7, Ori 7

20130724_202800I had watched people play but never played, first time for David too. Ori had an expansion, which meant I could use purple dice. David wanted to get the basic game down before adding expansion options, there’s enough thinking with the basic game. Ori went first and got resources, as did I. I said David’s going to roll a sequence and steal our resources, David said the odds are 218 to 5, but of course he rolled one, and then realized the odds were better. Because of the stealing mechanic I decided to concentrate on just getting colonies rather than anything complicated, so I was on the slow track the whole game. I did get up to 5 dice, stole a card once, and got a card once at the end. A bit like the tortoise and the hare. Ori kept suggesting that I get another die, but it wasn’t worth it because you can only place 3 on the slow track so it didn’t seem like a good tradeoff.

David attacked me twice but mostly Ori and David attacked each other. We joked that I’d win because of it, but none of us really believed it. David was phenomenally ahead, he had 7 dice with the bonus one, and lots of cards which meant he could control the numbers on his dice. Ori realized that he couldn’t let David keep the extra die, so they fought for it, but that didn’t matter so much because it just meant they didn’t control a new area with new colonies. Ori took the ‘get a colony with the six die’ at a critical point near the end so that no one else could use it. I had the ‘move one extra space on the track’ card, and put a second colony in there to keep it. David made me lose the ‘get iron for any number’ card to Ori, but taking David’s ‘get a resource for rolling odd or even’ card helped offset that.

Second to last round I rolled 3 5’s to get a colony, and I was near the end of the track. They could have tried to stop me by taking my iron, but I probably would have had enough dice to get the resources I needed somewhere. The card I got at the end let me move one colony which helped. I picked that one over the trade colonies, which David took, I think it’s not as strong but I had a hard time deciding between the two. There was a lot of thought and calculations about moves. I liked being ahead but was sure it wouldn’t last the whole game, I’m still not sure why it did. David and I didn’t like the game so much, too chaotic. You try to plan, but anything can get stolen, even the card that stops people from stealing from you. There’s nothing to do on other people’s turns, and there’s a reason for thinking things out on your turn, especially with more dice and cards. I can’t imagine it with 4 players, or 5 in the expansion. Ori says the expansion fixes some of the issues.

Lo Ra

Ori 38, David 32, Nadine 8

Ori won on most money, but even if he had used his 13 he would have won on tribes. David took a lot of auctions at the beginning. No mosaics showed up for at least 4 auctions. I  had a lot of menorahs, but no candle the last round. And not enough tribes or baskets or anything. Ori caught on well, first play for him, and he and David did a lot of point calculating. Which paid off. Ori says because the game is out of print there are barely any copies in Israel.


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