“I can’t do everything I want”

Mace, Ori, Daniel, Gili, Nadine

Mace expressed the classic cry of the Eurogamer.


Daniel 60, Ori 53, Nadine 52, Mace 51, Gili 40

2013-07-17 20.30.36Daniel brought this, he and Ori had played a few times, new to the rest of us. I had read that it was good, and it is. A lot of mechanics and decisions. I decided to just focus on a few things and not compete too much for tiles. I did most of my upgrading in fall, which meant I didn’t need to compete too much for upgrading spots, though I did need to pay for transportation. I used my own bonus which worked. I made  few mistakes, but was surprised that I was anywhere close to Ori and Mace. Mace planned his strategy around his bonus tiles, but in the end couldn’t use his related board tiles because everyone else kept using them which blocked him. He lost 10 points when Ori took the purple meeple at the end. Mace and others didn’t put in the meeple bonus, but Mace would have benefited from it.

The interaction is very interesting, so is the worker placement bidding system, and you can pass then come back in, helpful if you get outbid. Daniel said the game is stressful. The color requirement is challenging. Mace was competitive to get tiles, Ori also, but then the tiles don’t necessarily help as much as you want them to. There are different tiles in each game, it can be played with 2 to 6 players. There isn’t much to do when it isn’t your turn. Ori did a good job of making things come together, he planned his board placement to maximize points from end game tiles, he got 10 from 2 turn order tiles.

And everyone gets a uniquely decorated little house!

20130717_203105 (1)20130717_21233820130717_232517


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