Power Play

David, Avi, Mace, Ori, Daniel, Gili, Nadine

It’s Alive!

David+, Avi, Nadine

We playtested a rules change for our re-theming, which worked. David did a good job of keeping track of when people had money, and auctioned successfully. I used a 4 villager and a 2 duplicate to buy a discard which Avi also wanted, but then I drew a 6 villager and lost a card.

Power Grid

David+, Daniel, Nadine

We taught this to Daniel, he’s a gamer but hadn’t played. David and I hadn’t played in around 2 years. David tossed out low cards instead of high cards, so we had too many strong power plants early in the game. I didn’t mind, but it does change the game. Daniel bought at one point which gave David a good plant, and he already was ahead in power. It was fun to play again, it’s easier with 3, and with playing wrong.

2013-07-10 22.31.13Lords of Waterdeep

Mace 116, Avi 104, Ori 104, Gili 99

First play for Mace and Avi.

David 171, Daniel 166, Nadine 124

First play for me and David. It’s a nice game, easier with 3 than 4 apparently. I decided not to go out of my way to get and fulfill quests that matched my lord because I was just learning the game. That meant I couldn’t win, I also was fulfilling very few quests. But the others didn’t know that; I was ahead at one point and they attacked me. I would have had 9 more points if I had correctly understood the quest limit. David caught on well and was willing to do the thinking and planning required to beat an experienced player, though he only won on tiebreakers – cubes and money which give points. There is luck, but you can have a strategy.

Ticket to Ride Team Asia

Mace and Gili 190, Ori and Avi 140

Ori has been bringing this and finally got a chance to try it out. Report from Mace, who had a hard time not expressing his disfavor when he didn’t agree with Gili’s moves:

First Play for Avi. Much better game when played in teams. Still had own destinations to fulfill, but also had shared one(s). Same with picking colour cards, one private and one shared.

We blocked Ori/Avi at one point, and although could have made their life very difficult, instead focused on finishing the destinations. We picked extra destinations and were able to fulfill all of them, so we got the most amount of destinations bonus (+10 points) and longest route (+10 points).

With the intrigue of joint play mixed with private play, and that you couldn’t tell your partner what to do or not do (wink wink), it made it a much more enjoyable game.


Mace 21, Ori 17, Avi -3

First play for Ori. First win of this for Mace, probably because they played the real way which is more strategic, instead of our house system of random chips.


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