Broken Ladies

Ori, Gili, Sara, Nadine


Nadine+, Gili, Ori, Sara

First play for Ori and Sara. They enjoyed playing once they caught on, though Ori didn’t realize that what you have matters even if you don’t have one of each. He had 3 types, Gili and I 4.

Ladies of Troyes

Ori 120, Gili 69, Nadine 43, Sara 37

Ladies of Troyes sounds much better than it is. Troyes isn’t a game crying out for extra complexity, not to mention the broken aspects. I like the purple die, you get one each turn and can use it as a joker for any color, including doubling to fight as red, and no one can buy or take it – and most important, it’s a pretty purple. Ladies changes all the cards, and adds extra actions at all the gates – one allows force trading dice with different players.

You can easily place six or more cubes on the gate which gives you one white die per turn. Ori placed over 10 cubes there in the last round and kept taking white dice and using them to activate white cards which gave him 3 or 6 points, depending on the roll; he took around 50 points after the rest of us were done. No one could stop him from taking 10 extra turns because of his purple die. He said the game was broken, and suggested fixing it by requiring the purple die to be played if it’s your only die. First play of Troyes for Sara, and this is her second real Eurogame; we may have scared her off, though at least Troyes is open so she could get useful advice. The game took almost 3 hours after Ori explained the game to Sara.

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