Eitan takes all

Mace, Emily, Eitan, Uli, Nadine, Cliff, Mishie, Netanel

We played at Mace’s after lunch on one of the longest Shabbats of the year; Shlomiya and Shachar were there too but didn’t stay for games.

Walnut Grove

Eitan 31, Nadine 28, Mace 27, Emily 22

Eitan had a big land area and the bonus card, plus two other bonus cards. I had six coins, the coin bonus card and one other bonus. Mace had a lot of people and managed to get the bonus card for them on the last round, his only bonus card. Emily had bonuses, buildings and closed areas, but it wasn’t enough. Cliff and crew walked in as we were on the last round.


Eitan 7, Nadine 6, Mace 6, Cliff, Emily, Mishie, Netanel

Netanel wanted to play this. It’s good with seven players. We played wrong the first game, otherwise I would have done better as the only sabateur. Second game I was a sabateur again, but along with Mace and Emily, and we were playing with 5 cards, so we won. During the last game we realized that if you pass you lose a card, that also would have helped me in the first game. Two sabateurs who didn’t win.

pic1043941_mdDiscworld: Ankh-Morpork

Eitan/Nadine+, Emily/Mishie, Netanel, Mace

We had all heard of this and wanted to try it out. It’s a 4-player game so we teamed up, with Cliff teaching and consulting. We were hit by a nasty demon attack early on. Eitan and I needed 9 minions and managed without anyone noticing. We disagreed a few times about where we stood and what to play, turns out one of our minions was hidden behind a building so I couldn’t see it, but Eitan could. Mace attacked us a lot to get cards and money, not for any particular reason, you end up attacking people in the game. Netanel acted like he needed the trouble markers, but no one believed him, and he didn’t. Emily and Mishie needed money, the other two 4 areas. It’s a nice game with a lot going on. When Mace started saying it reminded him of … I finished the sentence for him – Fluxx, which is what he was thinking of. It’s less chaotic and luck-based, but has somewhat of a similar feel. Players have different win conditions so you have to guess to block, and notice.


Cliff/Nadine+, Mace/Mishie

Cliff and Mishie were interested in trying and learning this. We played with two strong decks from Mace’s booster packs, we had green and black, they had blue and white. Cliff caught on quickly, and by the end of one game was much better than me at figuring out what to play and when, we had an Instant and a Sorcery that worked together to bring back a strong card, and get rid of strong Enchantments of Mace’s. The deck was too complicated for Mishie to follow. Mace had like 10 white manas and only one blue, so couldn’t play some of his strong cards. If Cliff learns the game a little better, I’ll be able to practice with him when Mace goes back to Australia. Nesiya tova to Eitan, Emily and Uli who leave for NY early Thursday.


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