Only Magic

Mace, Nadine

Mace, David, Avi, Emily and Eitan planned to attend, but in the end no one could except Mace. We ended early because we’re both tired and have work.


I am getting better at Magic and making decisions on my own, even if they’re wrong. But I still have to play with someone who can answer questions and figure out what happens, and I also still have trouble with the 4 battle numbers which is basic. We played three games with my learning decks. I won the first two because Mace didn’t get the right cards, first game he had barely any mana, second game too much. Third game also a lot, but also good cards so he blocked me twice from putting cards down, and attacked with flying every turn so I couldn’t block. I had a card which would let me keep a flying creature tapped, but his creature’s flying was added each turn, so it expired before my card would go into effect.


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