Co-op El Grande

Gili, Eszter, Mace, Ori, Nadine

2013-06-19 19.58.43

Ori is new to our group but not to games, he plays in various places 4 times a week. He blogs at

It’s Alive

Nadine 48, Eszter 39, Ori 28

We introduced this to Ori. We played the advanced game, but I just tried to fill my board as quickly as possible while the others tried for high scoring cards. No Villagers came up.

El Grande

Mace 22 55 88
Ori 26 64 88
Nadine 26 56 86
Eszter 22 59 83
Gili 32 57 78

2013-06-19 20.37.03Anyone who has played with our group understands the co-op reference. The game took almost 4 hours, long even for us. Every move engendered long discussions and analysis. First play for Ori. I used the 1 13 combo for the first scoring round, but I was last to play the first two turns, so didn’t have much on the board. Ori caught on well and was ahead towards the end, when he got attacked. Gili started off strong, but then was attacked. Mace, who complained that he didn’t get the game and wasn’t good at it, went last on the last turn, but got the King because people took scoring, scoreboard and intrigue. Counting the points was suspenseful, ending in a surprise tie, with Mace having moved up from far last place; before final scoring Ori was tied for first place with Eszter due to scoring cards. There was a knockout fight for Valencia at the end because it had the high scoreboard, Eszter, Mace and Ori Castilloed in. Mace – brown, Gili – yellow, Eszter – red, Nadine – blue, Ori – green.

2013-06-19 23.54.25


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