Shabbat Gaming


Nadine+, Shachar

We’re both still learning, and had a lot of questions for Mace. Shachar killed my regenerate the one time I didn’t have mana to save it. But he didn’t have any creatures showing up, or one of the cards that Mace usually uses to good effect to look through part of his deck.

Walnut Grove

Emily+, Nadine, Eitan, Mace

Emily won by about 10 points, the rest of us were close until Mace remembered his -6 for neighborly helps which moved him from second to last. First play for Emily. She had good synergy – 6 fenced areas and two fence bonus cards. Mace couldn’t get the yellow tiles he needed til late in the game.

Dominion Dark Ages

Eitan+, Nadine, Mace, Emily

We didn’t even notice that Eitan was getting a lot of provinces. We had an upgrade card, he used it well.

Nadine+, Mace, Emily, Eitan

I was ahead of everyone by 15 points, I used a money strategy, which worked despite forced trashing of a gold or two. I also got a few spoils, and got one attack card that I don’t like early, everyone else got them too, but we only had one each so it wasn’t so bad.

Mace+, Emily, Eitan

Mace won without using attack cards.


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