Mace, Gili, Eszter, Tommy, Sara, Nadine

Eszter brought two friends, Tommy is Hungarian, Sara is German and has played some Eurogames before.


Nadine 18, Gili 13, Mace 0

Mace needed a rules review, but being a new player isn’t why he lost. It felt like luck to me, it’s not like I play differently when I get a lot of points or none. There is more control in a 3-player game – planning is relevant.

2013-05-29 20.10.28Amyitis

Mace 68, Eszter 61, Gili 42

Gili wanted to learn this, and the others wanted to play again. They didn’t do a very good job of explaining strategy to Gili, though they had only played once before. Gili didn’t get the camel travel card which is important, and couldn’t do anything the last two rounds. Mace enjoyed getting ahead after Eszter had blocked him.

Puerto Rico

Sara  27, 22, 13, 62, Tommy 24, 30, (3) 54, Nadine 20, 23, 5, 48

2013-05-29 20.19.04I taught this my way, starting with shipping. It was the right way to go in this case. Eszter said she liked my approach because she’s taught people who still had no idea how to play after the explanation. Sara picked coffee over corn as second player, which helped her win the game because she had a monopoly. She also decided to get factory later. Tommy also got a factory, then a harbor and wharf; Sara also got a harbor later on. She had a small coffee boat and I had a big sugar boat, no one else produced it until the very end, but I also needed to trade it. They were producing 3 goods, I was producing 4, all set up for factory but there weren’t any left and I couldn’t afford harbor, and Tommy had tobacco ahead of me. I had customs house and residence, Tommy had fortress, unmanned at the end but would only have given him 3, and Sara had the other two with all her building spaces filled. I mostly gave advice at the beginning of the game, their early coffee and tobaccos put them in strong positions. I recommended buildings instead of explaining what all the buildings did and letting them choose. Sara caught on quickly to both the mechanics and strategy, Tommy needed more ongoing explanations. Sara wants to get the game to play with her kids, she likes the group and lives close by.


Mace 22, Nadine 0

I actually would be negative if that was possible. Jon improved my deck on the shul Shabbaton, but I only drew white lands and all my creatures needed at least one forest. Eventually I got out a few, but Mace had more of them and stronger ones. His deck is strong, he has 4 cards where he can pick from the top 5 of his deck. I’m getting a little better at figuring things out, but still need help with strategy.



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