Return of the gamers

David, Elijah, Nadine, Gili, Eszter, Mace

2013-05-22 18.26.39 R-Eco

Elijah 16, David 11, Nadine 4

First play for Elijah. He caught on quickly, and took chips almost every turn. He dumped a lot, but made up for it easily. David managed to get the chip colors he needed, I didn’t.



Mace 39, Eszter 36, Gili 25

A rousing game with surprises at the end – neither Gili nor Eszter fullfilled their secret cards, which misled Mace. They didn’t fight enough of the bad cards, Eszter fought one, that was her secret card.  I think they pretty much played by the rules, even Mace.

2013-05-22 19.49.13Agricola

David 44, Nadine 35, Elijah 31

David was ahead the whole game because he played powerful Occupations. Elijah also had good ones, but didn’t get to play them as soon. We hadn’t played in a while, Elijah hasn’t played, so there were a few miscalculations, and David took back some of his moves. I played a 4-player Occupation because I hadn’t re-checked after we replaced our original wrong cards, we picked 7 from 10 in both categories. I had pastures, animals and barns, Elijah plowed and had a vegetable bonus, David also, and David got to 5 family members quickly, and also had a card that let him plow 3 fields instead of one. He didn’t have any animals at the end.


Nadine+, David

I’m getting better at paying attention and using cards, and sometimes things work. David’s good at explaining, I still can’t figure out quickly what will happen in an attack, or is likely. He explained and used Jon’s house rule of replacing one land or card once in the first five turns, a good idea. David was using a set-up blue deck which he modified slightly, but he prefers other colors. Next time. He conceded at 11 to 11 because I could kill him on my turn, which I may or may not have figured out. He had too much land, he needed one of Mace’s rearrange the top 5 cards of your deck cards. I’m still playing with the same deck and against the same deck.

Shabbat games

We played at Mace’s. Mace, Gili and I played King and Intrigant, first play for Mace. Gili played well with good card synergy. Mace did a good job of getting Gili to attack me, I was ahead. Mace won by a few points, I would have tied him if I hadn’t forgotten to play my move a caballero before scoring earlier. We gave up when Mace was ahead in Dominion Dark Ages due to buying a lot of attack cards. Eszter brought Hey, That’s My Fish! which I’ve heard about a lot and wanted to try, it’s a very nice filler, though spatial. Mace figured out first how to cordon off an exclusive area to get the most fish.



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