Mace enjoys playing wrong

Mace, Eszter, Nadine


Mace+, Nadine

I’m still learning, it’s hard to remember the timing of things and understand all the cards. Mace is good at figuring out synergies, and at explaining. If we counted negative lives I would have been minus around 4, he had 5 left. I thought playing cards worked well instead of dice, I don’t have any D20’s, until I realized that the dice are handy to see how many lives people have left.


Mace 76*, Nadine 41, Eszter 30

2013-04-24 20.20.31Mace had good synergy with cards, but was also getting way too many points with his actions. We had agreed to let him play the way he expected when he bought the card, but after a round we realized it was way too overpowered, but he insisted that we had agreed not to look it up until after the game. So he enjoyed getting tons of points that he shouldn’t have. He was determined to win after having come in last the first time he played. The cards in question were Militia and Chivalry and Joust, one turns yellow dice red. The other two cards both counted the number of red dice in  his district. So not only was he not supposed to keep the dice red the whole round, which seemed obvious, he couldn’t even change them and have them count as being in his district once, he had to use them for activation. He did have the bonus for event cards. He also was aggressive in getting dice and had six most of the game. I used the 2 vp for 7 card, and got the Goldsmith at the end of the game. No one had a lot of money left except Eszter, she had the money bonus card. I had the influence one, I barely managed to get 3 points, and Mace was at the max from playing wrong. Mace might have won anyway because he spent a lot of time thinking things through, and he went third, confirming my theory again.


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