Un-PC Lincoln

Josef, Mace, Gili

2013-04-17 18.43.47Western Town (3 rounds)

Mace 39, Gili 31, YUosef 26, Nadine 25

I was teaching Yosef R-Eco when the others showed up. Yosef had just gotten Western Town so we played that. It was his first play, but he understood the game well from the video and reading the rules. He had expansion cards that weren’t on the regular list of cards. We all liked the game, it’s challenging with a lot of options and strategies. Mace spent the longest time thinking and planning – understanding synergies and winning, and he also helped the rest of us optimize. We stopped after 3 rounds of 5 mainly because Josef, who is only home twice a week, wanted to see his wife, but also because it was a learning game and we were ready to stop. Players are building a town with buildings and corresponding cards which give actions, victory points and bonuses, and collecting and transforming cubes for end game points. The round cards which in combination control end game points have a picture of Lincoln on them. You can get bonuses for winning each round, Mace got the first two and Gili the third.

I was first player twice because I passed first, that made Mace as last player the Grand Manitou, who would decide attack strategy when the Indians attack. 2013-04-17 21.27.18Yes, those kind of Indians, with cowboys as defense. The game is set in 1865, which is where Lincoln comes in, but was published in 2005. I didn’t like the theme aspects such as the retro Indian attacks, generic name, and that Lincoln was involved with the West, discussions on bgg complain too. It really does look like a European interpretation, which didn’t bother Gili and Yosef, Yosef is French. Gili started with a successful gold strategy and also ended with the most Lure, Mace got a good start with lots of people, and got a 6 point bonus for most buildings, I got 3 for second most.


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