Serious Hawaii

David, Mace, Gili, Eszter, Nadine


Mace 45, David 36, Nadine 35

We played with the basic set. I’m not that familiar with all the cards because most of the time we’ve played with mixed sets. Mace did very well from the beginning, he was the starting player, and took silvers and attack cards, which hurt us. David and I had one or two.

2013-04-10 19.39.04Hawaii

David 117, Eszter 114, Mace 101, Gili 99, Nadine 80

Eszter got this game over Passover and has been playing a lot. Mace has played once so we briefly reviewed the rules, David’s played mostly online. Eszter was ahead on the scoring track with spear points, 5 most of the game, but didn’t lap us. Gili had fruits and the fruit god, so did Mace, who went last most rounds and complained that we took what he wanted. Before we started he asked why the gameplay times on the boxes are so off. He took a long time thinking in this game. He got the foot god double discounted, and two big boats early, the boats were cheap most of the game. 2013-04-10 20.41.00David had several villages and tikis, Gili also used tikis. David had the boat multiplier which gave  him 20 points. I would have gotten 20 points from it too but the other one didn’t come into play. I didn’t do anything in particular good or bad, I never won the round score, and only made the minimum a few times with two double surfers. It was a good and tight game.


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