Long Time Troyes

Gili, Mace, Eszter, Nadine

Mace is back from Australia, Eszter from Hungary, where she played five games of Hawaii with her family and also got Tobago.


Nadine 56  Eszter 32  Gili 25  Mace 19

2013-04-03 20.49.55Jon left this for us on games day. Even though I’ve played at least six times, I wasn’t sure I could explain it well, so I looked for a video, but the one on bgg was half an hour long. So I read through the rules ahead of time, and decided we should play a round to learn the game. Everyone was glad that we did that, because then we could really play. But we still ran into a few questions, and everyone didn’t understand all the details. Gili had the same problem that I’ve had up til now – understanding the dice costs. Mace got it quickly though, so he could explain and check faster than I could. People took activity cards, there were only two card spots not taken, instead of fighting events. So we had tons of black dice and grey guys getting dice, our event cards went off the board. At the end the game had six dice, Gili had none and couldn’t fight her black die, Mace and I had three and Eszter four. I had the card for cards, so I tried to fight events which I don’t usually do, and got two related activity cards, which used red dice which I didn’t have but could buy, one card let me roll to place on event cards.

Gili had great synergy with activity cards, Mace and Eszter also had good set-ups, they had way more activity spots than I did with two. But they weren’t able to use them often enough, or for enough victory points. I started with a lot of white dice, and got around eight dice in the castle, which also gave me a lot of influence points. I didn’t know if the castle card was in the game, turns out it was, Gili had it, and I ended up blocking her from the castle. I though she had the activity card bonus which would have given her points, but it wasn’t in the game. Our usual cards, the 15 and the castle one, weren’t in the game. Mace and Gili could steal yellow dice for free. Mace tried to roll a six at the end, rerolling at least four times, but didn’t manage. Eszter had the people placement card, I put in extra people at the end because I had nothing else to do. Other people didn’t have much they could do either, partly because we had to buy so many dice, and couldn’t change the rolls.

I got a lot of my points from bonuses, six for money which Mace and Gili also got, Eszter got three; Eszter and I got three for event cards, I got six for the castle and three for people in the buildings. I had sixteen influence but that card wasn’t in the game, Mace figured it was since I had so much influence. People who’ve played with me might have figured that I had the event card bonus because I was fighting events which I rarely do. We finished playing at 12:30 am. Everyone did a good job for their first game, and enjoyed it. I was third player, confirming my theory based on less than ten plays that third player has an advantage.


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