Or bad luck. We managed to scrape together 3 players for a game, everyone else seems to have disappeared. Mace is in Australia.


Nadine 44, Gili 37, Eszter 27

2013-03-13 20.48.25Gili wanted to play this, first play for Eszter who had been considering buying it, and liked it. Gili wanted to play with the curse cards, when Jon plays we usually take them out. So she asked for the bad luck in a way. Gili got the first treasure, and was in a good position to get lots of victory cards from it. But the first card turned up was a curse, and no one had amulets yet. I followed my usual strategy of focusing on amulets over driving around to get treasures, though I did get one that was close by, with the help of two amulets and Gili’s suggestions. I got a lot of cards with that treasure, including a six, so I started off ahead. Eszter ended the game with around 8 amulets, she kept saying they wouldn’t help her, she used one or two. I used my third and last amulet to trade in all my cards because I wanted to end a long color which would give me at least 4 cards. I got 5, and Eszter got 5, finishing the deck so we knew there was a curse in it, but it didn’t show up til we got all our cards. It’s a fun game except for the luck, which is there even without curses.

We didn’t meet last week, the week before Gili and Eszter played Atlantis.


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