Game Camp

Sharon, Gili, David, Nadine

Sharon and I were at WordCamp all day, she stayed in Jerusalem last night, but drove back home up north after playing. She heard about us after finding Jon online. Mazal tov to Eitan and Emily, who have the best reason for not attending.

2013-02-20 19.37.13GiveNTakeParti

David+, Nadine+, Gili, Sharon

We playtested Sharon’s game prototype which has beautiful artwork and printed cards. We got the game and strategy pretty quickly, asked questions about gameplay, discovered minor issues, and made suggestions. The game plays quickly, you try to make alliances with other players to match cards. The two players who completed the most sets with each other win. A set consists of two matching cards; after lining them up you can read the full question which you need to answer, such as when is Pi day. Sharon expands: “The game gets players to connect, share information or opinions and work on tasks in pairs. Besides having fun, we now know a bit more about each other, even the group members who have known each other a while.”


David 20+, Sharon 20, Nadine 5, Gili 3

2013-02-20 20.52.34We picked this as a short fun game to show Sharon before she had to leave. She picked it up easily, and was ahead most of the game. David won the tie based on having dumped less. I didn’t have many points, Gili had even fewer because she had more colors. Her points were for being the only one who didn’t dump.


David 54, Nadine 48, Gili 45

I don’t like the type of thinking this game requires, it’s hard work, but Gili likes it, and David too, and I like playing different games. I considered using solely a railroad track strategy, but that really doesn’t work, you need buildings. I ended up getting mostly money, and some victory points, which works, except that I didn’t have enough trade chips. Gili seemed to be doing well, getting gold, and ending with 9 buildings, David had 7 or 8, I had 6; David was also getting a lot of resources and victory points. One round I passed bidding and then Gili passed, to David’s benefit. We had to look up rules a lot, we’re used to Jon taking care of all the set up and buildings. On the last round, I bid 12 over David on the first stack. Gili eventually overbid at 16, and David was at 12 on the other track, so I passed because I could save the money to trade for points, and I got 3 points for passing, and I only had 17. David said he would have overbid me, so I should have gone to 16, though we think David would still have won.


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