Year of the Snake

Gili, Mace, Eszter, Nadine

It’s Chinese New Year, year of the snake, though we didn’t think about Chinese New Year when we selected which game to play. Bill and Shirley organized a big celebration at their church in Kansas City. Nesiyah Tova to Mace who has to return to his business in Australia sooner than expected, he’ll be back for Pesach.

Mr. Jack Pocket

Gili+, Nadine

2013-02-13 18.50.22Gili came early and brought this. It feels easier than regular Mr. Jack, though you still have to think a lot. Gili was Mr. Jack, and even after we finished I guessed wrong out of the two left. It’s a nice game and very compact for portability.

Year of the Dragon

Nadine 112, Gili 95, Eszter 93, Mace 92

Mace has played once and didn’t remember the rules. I usually hang back, but Eszter went last a lot this time. That may be related to buying dragons, we were the only ones who did. Gili passed up on getting a dragon first turn because taxes were coming up. It was a tough event order: rice, taxes, rice, plague, taxes, fireworks, war, plague, fireworks, war. She built a lot; everyone managed to build well and not lose many people to lack of space, though Eszter lost a few. Eszter had a lot of money, and got a second dragon, single, at the end, and used her courtesan early, so she had 7 to 10 points per round. I got up to 9. Gili had the most people, 11, I had 9, and two double monks, she had a single and double. 2013-02-13 20.33.17Mace tried the book strategy but also conserved people with building and medicine, and Gili was ahead in turn order often and blocked Mace from taking points. I took no action a few times to get money. Gili says she doesn’t understand how I win. I usually don’t either, but this time I was doing well and it felt like I was, even though I did end up going last a lot at the end. The game has a good tradeoff with the turn order and more efficient people. I won by less than the dragon points. Gili got 5 points at the end for money, rice and fireworks, I lost two people to wars and Mace and Gili got fireworks points.

Dominion Dark Ages

Nadine 27, Eszter 24, Mace 24, Gili 12

I didn’t buy many action cards, mostly pillage which gets trashed, but I got at least 6 spoils early in the game from them, some I never used. The others also got pillage, it’s annoying, making everyone discard their best card if they have 5 cards. I bought golds, even once early when I could have gotten a province. Eszter had the same issue, she got provinces early so it seemed like she had a lot, and she also bought duchys. Mace was buying provinces relatively early too, but I got the extra duchy. Gili doesn’t like the game and had a hard time making her cards work. Mace used counterfeit to get rid of most of his coppers.



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