“Oh no, I made a mistake”

Gili, Jon, David, Mace, Eitan, Nadine

Dominion Dark Ages

Mace 30+ Jon 30* Nadine 18

Nadine 46 Jon 40 Mace 24

2013-02-06 19.57.22Mace and I played three games of this on Shabbat, Jon hadn’t played this version, but is good at Dominion, as is Mace. They were discussing cards and card effects that I wasn’t following. And running through all sorts of cards. I only bought a few different cards, focusing on money. In the first game I forgot to take a spoils at least once. There was a lot of money available. When I bought the last province, it wasn’t clear whether the remaining blue-backed one was mistakenly in the game, so we scored our decks. Turned out it was in the game, but Jon and I hadn’t kept our hands, and reshuffled. Jon bought the last province, but remembers that his original hand wouldn’t have been enough for a province, probably not even a duchy, so Mace won.*

The next game was much harder, a lot of attack cards. All the urchins were bought, none by me, but I got some later from the pick from the trash card. Jon also had mercenaries, Mace too, so I never had more than 4 cards, often 3. Once or twice when I played an urchin it hurt Mace. They rarely hurt me, once or twice at the beginning. But I had a hard time deciding which cards to keep, with cards that let you pick a card and not having enough actions for the other cards and wanting the money on them, I picked wrong at least once. I had a few discard your deck cards which were good for getting to use golds. I had 5, 6 or 7 a lot, and already had golds, so I started taking duchys because the others were already taking a lot of provinces. So I won because of the duchys, I had 6 and 4 provinces and some estates, Jon had 6 provinces but not enough other cards. None of us thought I was wining, we thought Jon was far ahead even if he complained about how he was doing, though Mace complained more, and was right. I didn’t trash any cards, Jon did a good job with that.

Walnut Grove

David 21 Eitan 20 Gili 16

Gili had played once, when we played wrong. She said it wasn’t so tough the right way.

Louis XIV

David 57 Eitan 49 Gili 43

We heard David complain several times that he had made a mistake that would cause him to lose. He was right that having to discard 3 chips because they weren’t the right ones for his cards is pretty bad. But he won anyway. They all played 8 mission cards.

Puerto Rico

Mace 41 15 0 56 Jon 13 25 11 49 Nadine 21 20 5 46

David and Jon wanted to play Tichu, but that would have left two people in a game, and it was still pretty early. And we thought the two last games might go faster and leave some time. Mace didn’t remember how to play, I haven’t played in a long time and made some mistakes. Jon complained a lot about his lack of shipping points, he had 10 late in the game, which meant Mace and I had a lot. I could have figured out how many Mace had, or even realized he must have a ton, if I had thought about it. I made some mistakes, which Jon of course didn’t point out in time for me to do anything about. I could have bought a second big building if I had built, which was my plan, but I forgot and shipped, leaving only 9 when Jon built, so I got a wharf.  So actually I should have beat Jon, though not necessarily, my points from shipping and wharf probably equaled a big building. Mace spent a long time figuring out moves once he caught on to the strategy. Mace and Jon had harbors, Jon and I had factory, Mace and I had wharf, but he got his earlier. Mace had a coffee monopoly, but was behind in money because of our factories. I miss playing this with people like Jon who understand the game at the level he does. Jon knew Mace was doing well in shipping and ended up being correct that his two big buildings, guild hall and customs house, didn’t stack up against 41 shipping points. We gave Mace a few tips; he did some things we wouldn’t have, but that’s what’s great about PR, most things help you.

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