I win Hawaii

Moshe, Kate, Gili, Mace, Nadine

Welcome back Moshe and Kate, with their cuties CT and RT. They have a long bus trip, but Moshe is no longer working at night so they have the opportunity to attend. Mace does usually work at night from here with Australia, but didn’t need to today.

Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot

2013-01-30 20.32.35This used to be Abe’s. Jon started to show me how to play after he brought it, but we only got as far as setting it up, though that did help. Between not knowing the rules and the type of game it is, Gili was not enthusiastic. It’s pretty chaotic, but we got most of it down by the time Moshe and Kate arrived. I think it could be a good filler. Kate and Moshe went to the wrong place on the bus because our bus line changed, so we started and ended pretty late.


Nadine 126, Mace 103, Gili 99, Moshe 70, Kate 64

2013-01-30 21.10.49I’ve played and lost at least 7 times, 3 on Yucata. All it took was 3 new players and luck. I went last at the start, getting a boat was the best option, they were far but cheap so I got a double one. Gili thought you needed 3 boats for the 9 point island, but I knew that you don’t, we played wrong last time. Second round, boats were expensive, so I had a monopoly for a while, til Moshe and Gili got them also, though Gili didn’t get a double. Gili had an impressive board, 5 villages, lots of tikis, 2 hula dancers, boat multiplier. I also had the boat multiplier, and first round had gotten a double surfer. Next round I was planning to get another one from an island when I realized that I wouldn’t be able to place it because I only had one village. Fortunately I noticed right after buying a building, so I was able to move it to start a new row. Last round I was short one shell to get a third boat for the multiplier, but I was able to use fruit to get a third kahuna which I couldn’t use, but it gave me the shell I needed. I had just 5 feet left for the 9 point boat. Gili had gotten the one with a hula girl.

Mace did well with the spear multiplier, he was getting 6 each time by the end, and was far ahead. But he ran short of resources and missed on the last round. He could only get two fish because he only had his original boat. Moshe took the last spear chip when he passed, so Mace missed getting 6 points there, and missed the 17 minimum by 1, which would have been another 12 points, for a total of 29, which would almost have caught up to me. Actually he would have won because Kate would have been second, so I would have gotten 6 points instead of 9, and I was completely out of resources for a tie. Moshe and Kate caught on well, but were distracted by the kids even with Mace helping with baby holding. Kate was too tired on the last round so we played for her, she had fruit so we got the irrigation fruit multiplier and more fruit, she already had the other multiplier. They had to leave before we finished the game so as not to miss the last bus at midnight, they said they could walk from the bus station. So we finished up for Moshe too, Mace tried to convince us to have Moshe take the last fish instead of the last spear chip, but Moshe still wouldn’t have reached the minimum so it didn’t make sense. Everyone liked the challenge of multiple strategies, though it did make for slow play.


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