Mucho El Grande

Emily, Eitan, Josef, Anael, Gili, Nadine, Mace

Josef brought his wife Anael, an experienced gamer, and Mace finally showed up. We discussed election results and planned coalitions, as everyone is doing.


Josef, 105, Gili 70, Eitan 63 2013-01-23 22.05.50

Josef brought this again, and they played the game through. Towards the end we heard Eitan being surprised when he asked if you could attack ships. Experience and understanding the game seem to be relevant here. With the explanation, it took as long as El Grande.

El Grande

Round I Round II Round III
Mace 37 82 111
Emily 31 69 100
Anael 25 61 109
Nadine 34 76 115

2013-01-23 20.10.13Emily wanted to beat me at a regular game of this, after she won the variant last week. I told her she’s beaten me before, even at 5-player. I was behind the whole game. Mace was ahead by far in Old Castile, and special scored it twice on the eighth and ninth turns, once in pick your region, once for most caballeros. Emily started off well, with competition from Mace, who played the game once years ago. (In 2010: Mace 98, Jon 94, Nadine, Elijah, Gili/Nechama.) It’s his type of game, especially the meta-gaming, but we notice and push back.

2013-01-23 21.55.16Anael did a good job of catching up, first play for her, and she’s not a native English speaker. Mace scored about 27 points in score the first place before the second scoring; I should have blocked him but wanted the king for scoring, and I got 10 in first places. So Mace was ahead by far; that was before his two special scorings. We both thought he was going to win, even when I almost caught up at one point. Emily castillo’d into his grande region at the end, he did too, but she had more guys. So that lost Mace 4 points, otherwise we would have tied. Emily had attacked my grande region early in the game. I also had good luck at the beginning, Mace went first, and then played low and went first the next two rounds, letting me bid last 3 times in a row, so I went first twice with medium cards. I also caused people to lost guys twice in a row due to the cards available. It’s a challenging and fun game, we didn’t play quickly, with lots of advice.


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