El Grande on Steroids

Emily 25,50,83 Nadine 29,55,77 Gili 30,49,68 Eitan 20,40,59 Eszter 12,44,63

El Grande King and Intrigant

2013-01-16 21.10.35We all like El Grande, and Gili and Eszter were interested in trying this expansion, which they hadn’t played. Despite our already long list of house rules, we added more as we went. This expansion is more chaotic, with more thinking, not to mention distracting election discussion. And at one point my cards shot out of my hand and hit part of the board, we remembered where things were, and had just taken a picture for a back-up. It’s not easy to build a deck that you’re happy with throughout the game. A lot of seemingly medium cards ended up as King or Intrigue. Eitan played low on the last round which activated Eszter’s Coup, but only Gili’s and my Grandes went into the Castillo due to King and Quarantine. Very few cards give more than 3 Caballeros. Even with our house rules a large number of Caballeros went into the Castillo as the game progreseed, even one Quarantine makes a difference.


2 thoughts on “El Grande on Steroids

  1. It IS hard to make a deck that will be good throughout the game. However, did you really have to be so childish and throw your cards all over the board in frustration? šŸ˜›

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