Gili, Eszter, Nadine, Josef

It’s Alive!

Nadine 48, Eszter 44, Josef, 36, Gili 33

2013-01-09 21.12.12Mace ended up not being able to come, but we played It’s Alive! waiting for him before I noticed his message. I was the only one who didn’t draw any coffins. Gili bought a coffin first turn, and then had to toss it when she drew a villager. Josef got lots of villagers, but once you have one it doesn’t matter so much. I focused as usual on the basic game, but Eszter almost beat me, she had 11 in coins. I bought the last card I needed from her for six, it was worth seven. Josef said it was nechmad, his first play of course. Josef is a soldier in Intelligence, he’s been in touch with us – he has lots of games and just found out about our group. He’s active on the French bgg tric trac.


2013-01-09 20.09.46Gili said she’d need to leave if there was snow on the road, and Eszter came with her; we set alarms to remind us to check the snow status. It didn’t start snowing for a while, but then it came down pretty fast so we quickly packed up an interrupted game, again. First time in four years that we have real snow sticking to the ground in Jerusalem.

2013-01-09 21.03.16We all liked the game, even though Josef dribbled out the rules and consequences as we played. Such as that spices sell for two extra as he was selling them, and that wine ports give extra points with certain round cards. We didn’t really get the game without playing it through, but we were buying and selling, investing and taking ports as if we knew how to play. It’s an economic game with resource cubes, port ownership, battles, cute boats and nice art. Turn order is based on your boat number, you select your boats by number. Josef did tell us that he likes to have two turns in a row, though I don’t see why yet, but it makes sense. The game reminds me of Antike even though it’s different. Serenissima was apparently a  nickname for Venice during the Renaissance.


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