Aloha Ayelet and Yonadav

Emily, Eitan, Gili, Yonadav, Ayelet, Nadine


Eitan 115, Nadine 112 or 108 or 100, Emily 100, Gili 87, Yonadav and Ayelet 63

2013-01-02 20.24.00First play for Emily and Eitan, and their friends Yonadav and Ayelet who are not experienced Eurogamers. They teamed up so that we could play a 5-player game together. Eitan had spear multipliers and was ahead the whole game, lapping a few players by the end. Gili was the only one with all the fruit tiles for irrigation points, and she had the other fruit point multiplier; last round she ran out of feet so had to stop. Emily and I were the only ones most of the game with more than one boat, by the end we each had two large boats and the boat point multiplier at 4, but I also had two surfers. Emily had 5 villages with kahunas and the pay only one foot tile. On the last round she missed making the minimum because Eitan took the pass chip she needed.

We’re not sure we scored correctly, detailed explanations on bgg haven’t clarified it enough. “If you meet the target (with or without surfers), and have more points than everyone else who made the target, I’m pretty sure you get the first place points. That’s how it works online.” On the last round, only Eitan and I reached the minimum round score. We both needed to use our surfers to meet the minimum. Eitan had more points than I did without surfers. We scored it as a tie and each got 12 points. Without that, he’d still win but I’d either get 8 points for second place, or tie with Emily. I had one resource left, I don’t know what she had.


One thought on “Aloha Ayelet and Yonadav

  1. I had one foot left. Unfortunately, there was only one fish for fishing so I would have been short of the minimum by 1. šŸ˜¦

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