We don’t play Goa

Eszter, Gili, Hershel, Nadine

Hershel had billed Goa on the email list, and we were all interested, and the right number of players. Gili and Eszter haven’t played, I played when the JSGC started, it was one of the first games I tried to learn, when I was worse at games, and we played it relatively often. There is luck with the cards for building colonies, which particularly bothered Jon, who tried to mitigate it with more cards, but he still complained. Hershel set up the game and taught us how the player boards and colonies worked, the only thing left was the auction. Mace stopped by to say hi, he was understandably jet-lagged, he arrived last night, but only from NY via Geneva, not Australia. He’ll be nearby here for a few months. After Mace left Hershel got a call about somebody possibly breaking something, we figured it was a kid, but it was his wife, so he had to go. She’s a dancer and hurt her foot. He was taking a bus to meet her. He won’t be here next week, and his family likes Goa, so he apologized and packed up the game.

Walnut Grove

Gili 34, Nadine 31, Eszter 23

2012-12-26 21.40.40So then we learned Walnut Grove, and played it. It took a while to learn all the details, but after that it wasn’t hard. I had played once at bgg.con in 2011. It didn’t feel stressful or competitive, Gili’s sure we were doing something wrong, but I don’t think so. We followed the set-up for 3 players. We all made sure to produce the right goods, and had tons of goods available even after feeding workers and paying for fires, the fires on the discs plus covered wagons, and often double food for workers. Gili had 3 blue workers, 4 at the end, Ezster and I white and yellow. We mainly ran out of barn space, and I almost didn’t have a coin for movement at the beginning. Gili and I got 3 bonus tiles which gave us each 14 points, Eszter never drew gray land so didn’t buy any. She had 3 extra barns and huts, Gili didn’t have any, I had one. I had bad luck with coins at the end, I had 5 coins worth 5, Gili and Eszter had fewer coins but worth as much, and Gili had two more workers than me which is 4 more points. I went last at the beginning, and ended up being last every round until the end. It wasn’t necessarily worth a coin to go first, I think no compenstation for going last is a flaw, though not a major one. The game will be more competitive with 4 players, it’s hard to coordinate production and actions but we spent time planning and thinking a lot, Eszter said the game video mentioned that the game takes work.


2 thoughts on “We don’t play Goa

  1. We did a major thing wrong. You can only produce per tile of that color not as many sopts there are so if you have three spots of yellow but only one tile, you produce one yellow. That’s why we had so many cubes….
    Another thing – you can sell up to three goods of the same type. Now we have to play it again…..

  2. You’re right on the first one: “Each figure produces as many goods as the number of tiles the land area it is on is made up of.” That does make a difference, good you noticed. On selling, the rules say: “Sell one of each indicated goods type ( total of up to three goods).” That sounds like you can’t sell more than one of a type.

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