We don’t play Walnut Grove

Gili, Eszter, David, Nadine

We started to set up Walnut Grove which we all wanted to play, but then David came and we wanted to teach him Hawaii, and it’s a meatier game so we switched. After Hawaii it was too late to learn a new game.


David 114+6, Gili 114+1, Eszter 97, Nadine 75

2012-12-19 21.14.58Another bad loss for me. I thought if I just got some fruit I’d do well now that I get the game. Of course, everyone else gets it too, and I made several mistakes, one bad one in the first round. I focused on end game points to the exclusion of anything else relevant. Before end game scoring I had 31, David lapped me with 90, Eszter had 76 and Gili 61. The scoring track goes to 49. Eszter used the strategy from last week, spear point multipliers, and saved resources by not getting doubles. David got the most resources first round and won the round score several times, and overtook Eszter with spear multipliers, he was getting 6 points to her 3 by the end. 2012-12-19 20.51.01Gili had both round points and a good end game set-up, with the boat multiplier and fruits. It looked like she was going to win, but in the end David beat her by 2 points. Until she noticed that she got another 2 point to tie him, buy he won on the leftover resources tie-breaker.

Gili had played online. We made a significant error last week – the first person to pass gets to choose where to go. We spent a lot of energy trying to pass last to gain points. The right way makes much more sense of course.

Lo Ra

David 53 Nadine 23 Eszter 19

2012-12-19 23.13.49I had zero until the last round when I came in second due to most money. David won by a mile, he called auctions often and caluculated well. Eszter had a lot of tiles but no candle at the end. She used the ark to cancel disasters.


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