Welcome back David

David, Gili, Eszter, Emily, Eitan, Nadine

A nice send-off, I leave for bgg.con next week.

Year of the Dragon

David 121, Gili 106, Nadine 92

David pulled off his usual book scoring strategy. He also went first and kept the lead to get a double dragon first round. I got off to a bad start which included miscalculations, David pointed out that I should at least have been able to overtake Gili. Gili did a good job of planning and succeeding with my usual strategy of people and buddhas, she had two old ones and a young one. We all ended up with dragons, fan girls and buildings. No one competed on turn order position, which made the game less interesting.

El Grande Grandissimo

Eitan 32, 81, 135  Emily 41, 80, 132  Eszter 40, 82, 125

We’ve been planning on learning the other El Grande expansions, so they got a start on this one. It was a close game. Eitan enjoyed the added cards’ actions, he likes the chaos elements. He said he wouldn’t play again with three, the game gets exponentially better with each additional player. We all laughed at the number of disclaimers in the rules like “As you become familiar with this expansion, you may find some aspects not to your liking. If so, please remove the cards or pieces that you do not like and play with the rest.” And “Please note that these new cards were not tested in all conceivable combinations and situations. If you discover any problems, feel free to develop house rules to govern them.”  We already noticed the need for house rules with the first expansion we played, King and Intrigant.

First Sparks

David 14, Nadine 12, Gili 11

We got all the rules right. We figured David would win, he almost always wins Power Grid, as well as games with this type of calculations. I did forget to remind him at one point about placement in relation to card availability, but it didn’t slow him down. He was ahead in food the whole game, and placement for most of it. Gili and I had Fire which allows hiding food. We used player screens from It’s Alive to hide our food, but David kept track of what we had anyway.

Lo Ra

Emily 18, 37, 56  Eszter 0 0 43  Eitan 4, 0, 31

Eitan got off to a strong start. He had the ark and five animals, though two were the same. But he lost ground after the first round. Eszter had eleven or so different tribes, giving her a strong finish for second place in her first play of the game.


Gili 18, Nadine 17, David 8

Gili was ahead from the start with two fives, and manage to get lots of chips while we had only one or two. We played random. But at the end I had a lot of double cards and did well, almost catching up. David was the only one who didn’t dump, and he didn’t realize that the bonus was per player, two each in three-player.


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