Eszter wins the war by fighting less

Eszter, Hershel, Gili, Shalom, Josh, Leah, Nadine


Nadine 5 3 2 1 1, Gili 3 2 2 1 1, Eszter 2 2 1, Hershel 2 2 1 1

We taught this to Hershel, and started using the trade cards mechanic, though Gili didn’t realize you could take cards into your hand. I was lucky at the beginning, then couldn’t do much. I only had one set of all five, but that turned out to be enough with the extra cards I had.

Carson City

Eszter 50, Hershel 46, Josh 30, Shalom 29, Gili 17

First play for Josh and Shalom. After we started playing, Josh and Leah arrived. I let Josh take over for me because I had just played two weeks ago, and playing with 5 is hard, and he’d never played. I gave him a good starting position, we took a ranch and a hotel, then passed to be first next time to take the sheriff and the 3 for 1 victory points. Then I had to resist getting involved or giving advice, because he understood the game and should play on his own. I did pretty well. They ran into rules questions, what I thought should be done was correct, but we called our fearless leader in Ra’anana to confirm. (Whether you can duel for a building if you don’t have the money to buy it – yes, and whether the two houses on hotels count for parcel costs – no.) And I forgot which turn order applied to ties, but that’s clear in the rules. Shalom had a lot of cowboys and guns but didn’t fully take advantage of them. Hershel was strong in guns, Gili took them at the end but lost too many fights. Eszter used a similar strategy to last game, buying parcels under mountains and houses, which gave her a lot of points at the end. She fought less than the others, and less to lose when she lost fights.


Nadine 30, Leah 19

Josh reviewed the game with Leah, but she couldn’t teach it so he explained it again. Then I remembered that I had played more recently than when our group used to have the game a long time ago. It feels very light though there is strategy. We didn’t attack or block each other at all. I was getting extra money for having 3 green cards.

El Grande

Nadine, Shalom

Shalom wanted to learn this, so we played 3 rounds with two players each. I have a hard time with that, I can’t even remember what I have in the castillo for myself, much less what’s happening with 2 players. Shalom caught on well and got how the game works, and had his guys attacking each other. I enjoy teaching games that I like and know well, there aren’t that many.



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