More gamers

Well more and less, Emily and Eitan weren’t able to make it at the last minute. Steven lives in LA but spends time in Israel for work projects, and was happy that he was able to attend for once. He’s a wargamer, as is Cliff who usually isn’t able to make it on week nights.

Steven, Hershel, Gili, Leah, Eszter, Cliff, Nadine

It’s Alive

Hershel 57, Steven 50, Nadine 40

First play for Steven who liked the game. He drew 3 villagers, but also coffins. I got one villager, no coffins. Hershel may have gotten coffins and no villagers.


Cliff 32, Steven 25, Leah 13, Nadine 0

We were going to play Puerto Rico which Steven had never played, but Cliff isn’t so into it, and then Steven saw this and likes Martin Wallace. I taught the game, which wasn’t so difficult now that I’ve played. We had to look up a lot of little rules, including on bgg. I thought I might end up negative. I haven’t done so poorly at a game that I’ve played before in a long time, if ever. I don’t even know why, I didn’t make any particular mistakes. I did build and run my city the first time with only one borough. Cliff used the Millbank Prison card twice, it gets rid of poverty and gives points. Cliff and I had 4 stacks and ran our cities three or four times, Steven had 8 stacks and ran his city two or three times, Leah had two stacks and ran hers a few times. I played the Fire Brigade at the end so everyone had to pay the bank a pound for each borough they owned, which meant no one could pay back loans. Steven would have had 5 more points otherwise. Cliff had one poverty point at the end. I had 13, for minus 19, plus an unpaid loan. Steven and Leah also had few poverty points. I don’t think my cards were so bad, I had 5 boroughs by the end, but I couldn’t manage to have the right number or color of cards and money. I just checked, on Pesach games day I beat Hershel, Jon and Elisheva. But it’s not a luck game, or is it?

Le Havre

Hershel+, Gili, Eszter

Hershel brought this. Gili played once but didn’t remember it, and Eszter also wanted to try it. I remember it as not so interesting or fun. They enjoyed it, it was a learning game for Gili and Eszter.



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