Nevada Luck

Gili, Hershel, Eitan, Emily, Eszter, Nadine

Vegas Showdown

Eitan 74, Emily 71, Gili 60

Gili taught this game and Eitan and Emily did a good job on their first play. The game is easier with 3 players, but they had a large expensive building that nobody wanted due to space and prereqs.

Carson City

Nadine 50, Hershel, 47, Eszter 40

I taught this to both of them. I figured Hershel would win if he understood the game well, and I kept reminding them about relevant rules and effects the whole game. We allowed a few building and plot space switches. Hershel and I each had the white guy two rounds, and were ahead in points from it. Hershel attacked me a few times, the last round preventing me from buying a building, which he didn’t even place because he didn’t have a spot. So I didn’t buy the plot for it, getting a point or so from the money I saved. He was strong in guns, he got the 3 guns, which we left as they are, and he took the gun card last round, the 2 gun side. That has a $30 limit, which I warned him about, re-explaining the end game point thing when he took the card. But he didn’t completely realize the implications, and he really benefited from the guns, he had 9 guns, and also blocked me on money and point spaces. They understood how the buildings worked, I didn’t get it until I had played at least 4 games. Eszter only had two buildings, but in the last round bought a slew of mountains, reducing Hershel’s and my income significantly, and giving her 18 plot space points at the end, a good catch up. I made a mistake third round which cost me some income, I thought Hershel would block me but he didn’t, so I hadn’t gotten enough money to buy both a plot and building. The game is easier with 3 players.

Glen More

Gili 66, Emily 48, Eitan 39

Emily and Eitan own this game, they taught it to Gili. Eitan says he’s not good at any games that they own.

Hershel forgot to take Akiva’s Zombie die from games day, it’s a good conversation piece for non-gamers.


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