Gili’s Good at Garbage

Hershel, Gili, Eszter, Nadine


Gili 15, Nadine 14, Hershel 1

First play for Hershel, we played while waiting for Eszter. I did well, but Gili did better.


Eszter 92, Hershel 84, Nadine 77, Gili 76

We have Emily and Eitan’s copy of this from Games Day. Hershel had never played, and I haven’t played much. Eszter and Gili worked hard at planning and figuring things out. Hershel was ahead the whole game, he got a lot of points by taking cards and returning them for points, he had the take two extra cards card. He would have known better which cards to take if he had played before. I was behind the whole game so I went first. I had 15 bricks by the end, and concentrated on my columns bonus card and not much else. I ran out of food twice so lost about 15 points to that, even though I had the use bricks for food card. Gili and Eszter were in the obelisk, Eszter got the bonus for it at the end. Gili was also strong in the pyramid. Eszter got 20 bonus points, Hershel 21, Gili 16 and I got 18. I don’t like the game as much as other games, maybe it has too much luck or randomness, or something.

Happy 10-10!


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