I see London I see France

Gili, Sara, Eszter, Emily, Eitan, Nadine

Recently in the news referencing Prince Harry’s Las Vegas escapade.

Notre Dame

Eitan 71, Nadine 56, Eszter 33

First play for Eszter. Eitan ran away with the game, he had double my score at the end of the second round. He played well, though I also made mistakes, such as not having a cube available to go to Notre Dame second round even though I had money, and two ND cards. He kept cubes in the car spot, and took more bonus points instead of fighting rats. I didn’t go over on rats, Eitan did several times, and Eszter once or twice. I had too much invested in rat defense and money, and not enough cubes and points from cards at the end of the round.


Emily 56, Gili 51, Sara 50

We have to re-learn this every time because we don’t play often. Now at least some people are up on it. They had to look up rules questions, it’s not always clear.

Louis XIV

Nadine 54 (9 missions, 9 shields), Eszter 52 (7 missions, 17 shields), Eitan 48 (6 missions, 18 shields)

Also a close game. And also first play for Eszter; second for Eitan. I went first, a slight disadvantage. I got the king on the last round, I didn’t try for it on the others. It’s hard to know exactly how things will turn out, shields add up.  It’s much less competitive with 3 players, I enjoy it more that way.


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