The worst job in Jerusalem

Gili, Josh, Yossi, Nadine

Gili told Yossi about our group. I thought he might be joking when he said his job is manager of ticketing for the light rail. I asked if he was on tranquilizers, he said ‘you have no idea’, but I think we can all imagine. One issue predates his job – there was no metric mandated to the vendor for the time it takes to get a ticket from a machine. A transportation worker in Europe suggested that City Pass prepare the system for an attack from Iran. Right.


Nadine 2 2 3 3 5, Gili 1 2 3 4 4, Josh 2 2 3 4

I taught this to Josh, then Gili arrived in time to join. The luck seemed pretty evenly distributed. We got better at the trade options.


Nadine 36, Josh 35, Yossi 26, Gili 9

For the first time, we played with the Victory Point system, instead of Victory Conditions. The game ends when the first person gets 6 faction markers, and you get points for unlimited numbers of items except tribune and favor, such as 1 point for 10 coins. It’s a different way to play, I think it makes winning factions a bit less important. Everyone thought Josh had it in the bag the whole game because he won and held a lot of factions, and was the only one to get a tribune. I wasn’t so sure, I thought I had a chance, but wouldn’t know til the end. I concentrated on getting points, including laurels which are 1 point each – I had 16; I reconquered the yellow faction to get 3 laurels from it with the zero, which also let me buy a third legion, and the difference between a scroll and tribune is only 4 points. I won purple and senators first round, but couldn’t hold them for the second round. Josh had a lot of high cards to keep his 3 factions, including the proconsul and orange for money. That’s another difference playing this way, it’s harder to tell how everyone is doing because it’s closer. Even if we knew each of our points going into what could be the last round, it might not have mattered. Josh could have decided not to end the game, but you get two points for ending it, as well as the faction benefits.


Yossi 143, Josh 141, Gili 115, Nadine 95

First play for me and Yossi, who did a good job. He was fighting with Josh for control of buildings, and just managed to squeak by. I put 5 gold on the printer almost every time, Yossi won it twice which helped him with points. The game feels  like placing in the Castillo in El Grande every turn, and like playing roulette. Which I don’t really like. There’s a lot of gambling, some strategy. And interesting decisions at the very end, depending on the board situation. The other three all played well.


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