A lot of Paris

Gili, Josh, Sara, Eitan, Emily, Itai, Nadine

I thought we’d have light attendance due to vacations, but we had a good crowd in the end. Emily and Eitan brought Itai, a fellow student, Jewish Philosophy and Law.

El Grande

Eitan 19, 36, 41, 64, 80, 103  (before the first scoring, first, before second, second, 8th round, end)
Itai Yellow 28, 40, 52, 75, 79, 105
Emily Red 14, 30, 47, 66, 80, 108
Nadine Blue 26, 58, 68, 89, 116, 134

OK, also Spain. Nobody understands why I win so often, I don’t really either though I do have a lot of experience now. I played high cards at the beginning to take the king and special scoring, but the others also took those. I did have some regions to myself for some reason. It was Itai’s first play, he did very well, and he’s not an experienced board gamer, he caught onto the strategy and started off strong. But he and Emily fought over his Grande region, Granada, ending with over 20 cubes there between them, and both their Grandes. I blocked him once because I didn’t want him to score high in two regions, he had the eight scoreboard in Granada, but I didn’t realize Emily already had more than he did there. The game was close except for me. Emily planned well for a Lose all your guys from one region card, it hurt Itai and Eitan because they had to pick a region with at least 3 guys.

The board picture is from the 8th round, they had a hard time figuring out ways to attack me (blue). Eitan Castillo’d in to tie me in my Grande region, Aragon, and Itai moved the king in when we were tied on the last round, with the 4-0-0 mobile scoreboard. Neither of us scored and no one got the king. It was the ‘move the king to an adjacent region’ which tends to show up on the last round. We skipped 3 cards at the end – Veto, Clear your court, and Take back a Power Card.

Notre Dame

Josh 57, Sara 52, Gili 50

Gili brought and taught this. At first they thought Sara won, but then Josh found some more points.

Louis XIV

Gili 64, Sara 55, Josh 49

Gili also taught this.

Notre Dame

Nadine 58, Eitan 54, Itai 48, Emily 46

I taught this, Emily and Eitan had played a long time ago. I haven’t played in a while either. I wasn’t ahead but was the only one on Notre Dame one round, netting 11 points. I had the extra point from early on, Emily and Itai did too though Itai lost it at the end. I didn’t have a lot of cubes or money. Eitan had a lot of money, last round he and Emily both had two cubes in Notre Dame. Itai used the point strategy effectively, with 5 cubes in that sector. Eitan got a lot of points for not having the extra point thing. Itai did well with the rats, the rest of went over once, Eitan and I twice.

Last week at Gili’s – Emily came in first, Eitan second in Egizia with Elisheva and Gili; Lotem won against Asif, Nina and Shlomo in Settlers.

Three weeks ago at Gili’s with six players –  Taj Mahal, Castle Panic twice, The De Vinci Code, Kingsburger, and Dominion.


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