Slovakian Champion

Josh, Gili, Nadine, Leah, Nina, Shlomo

Nina found our group on Facebook this afternoon. and called to get details. She’s the fifth best Carcassonne player in Slovakia, and says she would have done better in the tournament if the European champion hadn’t been there. Shlomo is her fiance, Israeli but born in Italy and lived in London, a math major going into the army soon. Leah is a friend of Josh’s who is learning at Nishmat.


Gili 11, Josh 5, Nadine 3, Leah -1

Gili arrived but we waited a while for more people before starting a filler. We watched a bit of the news on the terror attack on a group of Israeli tourists in Bulgaria. First play for Leah, and Josh played once. We played regular, and all dumped.

Stone Age

Gili 311, Josh 174, Leah 124

First play for Josh and Leah. I think Gili had cards.


Josh 280, Leah 177, Gili 111

First Sparks

Nina 14, Nadine 13, Shlomo 10

First play for Nina, Shlomo had played once. They caught on well, though we helped each other. Shlomo stayed in good turn order position, but that hurt him at the end. I built to 13 even though I figured Nina could overtake me, and she did, but would have won anyway.  Nina and Shlomo were getting two mammoths each which is strong. We didn’t have a problem with not having food for technology, I kept warning them during expansion which takes care of the issue, but you do need someone to realize and warn.

Lo Ra

Nadine 46, Nina 30, Shlomo 18

First play for both of them. I won on a combination of luck and experience. I had a lot of menorahs, but during the second round didn’t get a candle. During the last round, Shlomo used his 13 to stop me from getting a candle, there were two tiles. Another candle came up right after, and I was high with the 12. He did well with tribes, Nina had most baskets and the ark, but didn’t have an animal. In addition to around 8 menorahs I had 4 animals.


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