Knights and Tribunes

Elisheva, Gili, Eszter, Roy, Nadine

A new player, new to our group and to Eurogames, he’s never played any before. Our regular members keep missing due to final exams and weddings. And they changed the 7 bus line, Kate’s at the far other end, so til now one ride.

David and Goliath

Nadine 35, Gili 34, Elisheva 18

A confusing game, with what feels like a lot of luck.


Elisheva+, Eszter, Roy, Nadine, Gili

Gili selected this as a good 5-player first game for Roy, and she taught the game. We played with 4 victory conditions. Elisheva won by a lot in the 4th round, the next closest score was two victory conditions which several people had. She said she was lucky with cards, but that wouldn’t be enough. Roy started off strong, taking purple with the zero card to get a Permanent Favor. He took yellow the next time, bluffing me out of trying for it when it turned out I had more cards than he did. Eszter started with the proconsul, and had 5 faction markers by the end, one from the Senators. It was a good game and Roy liked it.

Shadows Over Camelot


Gili didn’t want to play a game with calculations, and none of the others had played this. We played without a traitor, and to 7 swords to reduce the time, though there were 11 when we finished. We lost Excalibur and some other quests, but won the Grail and Picts, and Gili beat the Black Knight. We only got two bad black cards, and had Merlins if needed. We won because of Gili’s good dice rolling for the evil side, she rolled all lower numbers except once. She kept encouraging us to play low against the D8, and it worked very well. A traitor would have won.


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