Welcome Back and a New Player

Gili, Eszter, Nadine, Erik

I haven’t played a real game in three weeks, could be a record. Two weeks ago I was away, the group played Princes of Florence at Gili’s. Last week we cancelled due to low attendance. Erik joined us, he heard about us from Gili’s posts on Tapuz.


Gili, Eszter, Nadine

We set up El Grande, then played Nile while waiting for Erik. Gili had tons of cards, but still only one set, she won the tie, followed by Eszter.

El Grande

Nadine 43, 89, 124 Gili 36, 83, 108 Eszter 36, 67, 96 Erik 33, 58, 88

I win 4-player less often than 5-player, and it’s easier with a new player, though we did give him advice. He liked the game, especially the open information / no luck or randomness or whatever the proper characterization is. I stayed ahead the whole game. Gili did well and almost caught up, but had a hard time hurting me enough at the end. I gained points on score the first place in all regions. Gili Castilloed into my Grande province, New Castile, after the scoreboard had been switched, so she got 4 points and I lost 6, though I gained points by going into Old Castile. Last round she took 2 guys out of New Castile for points somewhere else, so I was able to Castillo in to re-net 10. Eszter was ahead in several areas but had a lot of guys in with her Grande. She did a lot of special scoring which limited her total guys on the board. Erik did well for his first game, he hasn’t played many different Euros, and plans to return.

It’s Alive

Eszter 50, Nadine 41, Erik 36, Gili 36

We played the advanced game. Guess who didn’t get any Villagers, and who got three Coffins? Eszter on the Coffins though we all got some, but only Gili and Erik got Villagers, Erik three of them. Eszter bought a sold card on her last turn to finish first.


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