Eszter’s Pyramid Squeaker

Gili, Elisheva, Josh, Eszter, Nadine

Amun Re

Eszter 16,45, Nadine 19,44, Gili 18,42, Elisheva 9,36, Josh 12,30

Gili taught this to Elisheva, and then we filled Josh in when he came, and reviewed with Eszter. First play for Elisheva and Josh, Eszter had played once. I was ahead in money most of the game, but ran out from high bidding and lower income, and was limited on cards so I didn’t get any card bonus points at the end. Eszter did well at bidding; Elisheva and Josh didn’t understand that you could score for more than one set of pyramids. Gili had bad luck with cards. I was first at the end, so we started with my scoring, I had 25 points in pyramids, but nothing else, not even money points. We scored Eszter third, and she dramatically passed me by one point.

Smiley Faces

Elisheva 7, Gili 4, Josh 3, Nadine 3, Eszter 1

This game is pretty Fluxx-like, but people still try to think because sometimes what you do has an effect, usually if you’re last. I had zero points going into the last round, despite having the ‘switch two color point cards’ the whole game. It was never worthwhile to play it, first round I was going to switch yellow for red, but Elisheva, with support, was ahead in red, and I wasn’t ahead in anything. Gili cancelled one round. Josh and I were even on the tie-breaker of points from round cards. Gili translated all the cards into Hebrew for her kids, who like the game.


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