Sara, Elisheva, Gili, Eitan, Emily, Nadine

David & Goliath

Nadine 39, Sara 27, Gili 23, Elisheva 16

First play for Sara. It doesn’t feel like you have much control, though there’s some.


Nadine and Elisheva+, Sara and Gili

Gili has played before and doesn’t like the game because she doesn’t get it. I’m starting to get it, but still don’t know how the dragon and phoenix work – who gets it and how it scores. I would have looked it up but it didn’t matter. We played one game, and I went out first and Elisheva second, we had good cards.


Gili 62, Nadine 45, Elisheva 38

I decided I don’t like this game. I know it’s a good game, but I don’t enjoy all the calculations and being blocked. I said it’s too fiddly, whereupon the others asked how I can like Agricola. Gili played really well, she had 5 workers and 9 buildings, she bought the one that lets you buy 2, and she had a lot of bonus points for buildings, tracks and workers. Elisheva had 7 buildings and 4 workers, I had 7 buildings and 2 workers. I didn’t have the right resources at the end, I probably would have done better by passing in the auction, the type of calculation I don’t like, with the money, resources, trading and loans.

Year of the Dragon

Sara 81, Eitan 75, Emily 69

Emily taught this, and everything I asked about had been explained correctly. But towards the end of the game I noticed that they weren’t scoring number of buildings, so that makes a difference. They were able to figure it out and take the points for more than 2 buildings, but most of the game they didn’t use the option of building for points. There was a famine at the beginning and at the end. Sara got a double dragon first round, and stayed in first place in turn order for the whole game, Eitan had a single dragon.


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