Frowns and Smiles

Elisheva, Kate, Gili, Nadine, Eszter

David & Goliath

Gili 53, Elisheva 46, Eszter 31, Kate 28, Nadine 24

We added cards as people showed up. Once everyone understood the mechanics the game went well. As Elisheva pointed out, you can see which cards have been played and factor that in. Gili and I have played before, but a few years ago.

Year of the Dragon

Nadine 90, Gili 82, Kate 81, Elisheva 75, Eszter 69

First play for Elisheva. A tough game with all the negative decisions. 5-player is challenging, I decided I didn’t want to work hard by fighting for turn order, so I took a medicine bowl and fan lady at the start. But I didn’t think through what my first move would be from last place, I paid 3 to buy a single dragon. The events seemed to be in the easiest order possible, with taxes near the end, rice near the beginning, disease near each other, everything except war near each other, making it easier to get rid of people. On the first rice I had one for two buildings, and on the second one I decided to skip taking rice and lose 3 people, which meant I didn’t need to build as much. All the opposite of my usual strategy, as Gili noticed and questioned, but I had decided that I’d try something different.

Gili was doing well with building, keeping people, and using her point tiles, and she was in first place a lot. Kate was also strong with an early double dragon, and Elisheva competed with Gili for point tiles, though she had fewer than Gili. Elisheva built well, Eszter had a hard time, she and Kate lost people to the wars. I used my jokers to buy a buddha and another fan lady. Gili told me to take the last double buddha with my joker instead of a third fan lady, she was right, I had assumed there wouldn’t be double buddhas left by my turn, though that was only a 1 point difference because there were 5 rounds left at that point. I took money instead of an action at least 5 times. Gili was ahead before the final scoring, Kate and I were even most of the time. I won because I had two double buddhas on 3 level buildings, everyone else had fewer, and we were all close in number of people. It was a good game with a lot of thinking, and we were all surprised that I won. I’m not sure you can control things much in a 5-player game.

Smiley Face

Gili 7, Nadine 6, Elisheva 3, Eszter 2, Kate

Gili wanted to try out her new game before playing with her kids. It looked light and quick, but actually has something to it, and the game, and game night, went longer than expected. It feels a bit like Fluxx, but you have more control, needing to play the right thing at the right time. Gili did a good job. Elisheva was the first to use the Helping Hand effectively, where you can share the win. There are 7 rounds, but there’s a card that cancels the whole round, which Gili used on a round that Eszter and I won.

Chana Tova, who now walks really well, did her usual playing, sleeping, grabbing and eating crackers. Gili asked Kate if she could have a cracker, and Kate gave her one from the pack. Chana Tova was on Kate’s lap, so Kate didn’t see her amazing scowly expression each time Gili took a cracker and as she ate them. But after a few crackers, Chana Tova took a cracker out of the pack, smiled, and handed it to Gili – super cute.


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