A Winning Bonfire Night for Mory

Gili, Sara, Elisheva, Nadine, Eszter, Josh, Mory, Yardena

Josh brought two more gamers. I don’t know what happened in the games I didn’t play, though it sounds like experience helped Mory. It’s erev Lag B’Omer, which non-gamers celebrate with large bonfires.

Kill Dr. Lucky

Mory+, Josh, Gili, Yardena

Strange Synergy

Mory+, Josh, Gili, Yardena


Nadine 29, Elisheva 28, Sara 27, Eszter 19

First play for everyone except me. Experience helps here, but not so much against Elisheva and Sara who are good at catching onto new games. Sara didn’t get a food engine until she bought a Fireplace near the end; she got 8 bonus points for cards. Elisheva got a field everytime someone else plowed. Eszter played cards that gave her bonus resources each round, Sara had that for food. I had good synergy with my cards, getting 2 extra grain for taking grain, and I could bake bread when I plowed a field. We all ended with at least 5 negative points. Everyone liked the game, but not as much as better games like Puerto Rico.


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