Revolutionary Professional

Gili, Josh, Sara, Elisheva, Eszter, Eitan, Emily, Nadine

We told Josh about our meetings when we ran into him at Bigor and gave him a ride back, he was in Emily and Eitan’s RPG group, and is a demonstrator for Steve Jackson games.

Instead of starting with a filler while waiting, Josh taught Revolution. They had begun playing by the time the others arrived and I started explaining Shipyard; between the explanation and playing that took us all evening. I’ve been moving books around to make space for games; if more people show up we’ll need another table.


Elisheva+, Gili, Josh, Sara

A Steve Jackson game with a board that reminded us of Clue.


Elisheva+, Gili, Josh, Sara

They finished Tribune as we were getting to the end of Shipyard. Gili taught the game, first play for everyone else, they played with victory conditions which included a mandatory tribune. Elisheva and Gili both finished in the same round, the tie breaker scores were 26 for Elisheva and 24 for Gili. They liked the game.


Sara+, Gili, Josh, Elisheva

First play for Josh, they played with random chips.


Emily 66*, Eitan 62, Eszter 60, Nadine 52

I taught this, first play for the others. It takes a while to explain everything so that they understand before the game starts, and it takes time to set up. I wasn’t doing well from the beginning, I didn’t concentrate enough and didn’t play strategically. I did explain pretty well though, and gave Eszter good advice, so she took things I wanted right before I could, like the card for not needing a propeller. The contract cards drive strategy and help players focus. I sailed 4 ships for my cards, everyone else sailed two. The game is more challenging with 4 than 2, it’s harder to get the actions you want, or be in position to get what you need.

*Emily didn’t hear or remember that you couldn’t pay to move on the train rondel; towards the end of the game she moved one to sell 3 coals at 4, and we didn’t notice. We couldn’t undo the action because she wouldn’t have gone there if she had known. I had gotten a two coal card in anticipation, though I don’t know if I would have been able to go there at the right time. But she played very well, and most likely legally otherwise, so we’re giving her the win.

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