A close game of Die Werft


Nadine 65, Kate 61

We met Tuesday instead of Wednesday due to Yom Hashoah, so fewer people came, and at the last minute Gili couldn’t come as planned. Kate didn’t bring some new Jewish-themed games that Moshe got to review because they were relatively long and luck-based.

We played Shipyard which was a good review for me. I had to figure out the game in order to teach it; this is one of those games where I let other people run everything. So now I understand how the train rondel works, how to calculate ship points, and the two-player turn rondel which is different, each player has two placements. There are other variations for two-players, spread out all over the rules, and we had to clarify some using the German version.

Kate did very well. She had synergy with employees and a bonus card for cranes, I had it for sails and smokestacks. But she miscalculated the length of the game and the number of ships she’s be able to sail, so she kept one wrong bonus card. The card she tossed would have given her an additional 3 points. I was short one turn, I needed a sail for a 4th 6 point bonus that I didn’t get. So after all our efforts the game turned out very close.

It’s not bad with two players, but not as fun, though the turns go fast. There’s less movement on the rondels, and with the things to take. I didn’t find it in the directions but I took half the middle #I ship cards out so that we’d get to the #IIs, though there’s not much difference.



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