BIGOR Roleplaying Convention 2012

Emily, Eitan, Cliff, his son Meeshy, Gili and her 3 kids, and I attended the third day of the Bigor RPG con in Modi’in, Israel during Passover vacation.

We checked out the vendors, RPGers, wargames, and boardgames, and then played games that Cliff brought. Gili got a D&D expansion that she had been looking for. The convention took place at the Democrati high school in Modi’in.

Descent: Journeys in the Dark

Eitan, Emily, Meeshy and I fought Cliff’s evil forces. He killed me twice and Emily once, at which point we lost. Meeshy knows the game well, and remembered that when I died the second time one of my special powers killed the monsters around me.

Zombie Dice

We ran into Josh, who had been in Eitan and Emily’s RPG group, and he taught us Zombie Dice. I did well, but Meeshy won.

Road Kill Rally

Cliff joined us after teaching Gili and kids Chateau Roquefort. In Road Kill Rally you get points for running over pedestrians; you also attack the other player’s cars. Cliff won, I finished the race in second place but Emily had more total points that I did. It’s a good game despite the theme.


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