Passover Games Day April 8, 2012

A well-attended game day which went pretty smoothly, with the majority finding groups to play with and games they wanted to play. A successful dinner order thanks to Emily.

People came from Ra’anana, Rehovot, Beit El and Haifa, coming and going all day and evening, so I almost had enough chairs.

The JSGC Matza Awards

Awards QA – Nadine

Best CEO – Emily

Best CFO – Hershel

Best Dungeoneer – Zvi Yehuda

Best Pyramid Builder – Sara

Best Mine Controller – Sara Kochman

Best Multi-tasker – Saarya

Best Newbie – Mike

Best Non-gamer – Ruth

Best Royal – Laurie

Bravest Participant – Devorah

Fastest Car – Binyamin

Gamers-in-training – Eliana and Chana Tova

Knocking over the most game pieces – Eitan (runner-up – Jon)

Largest Army – Elisheva

Most points for playing incorrectly – Abe

Mr. Congeniality – Ofer

MVP – Gili, who beat Jon in Antike

Most Versatile Gamer – Moshe

Quickest Learner – Avi

Snobbiest – Eszter, Kati and Brett, for only playing games taught by the designer himself

Tease – David

Valiant Knight – Kate

Worst Student – Jon

Awards Committee – Eitan, Emily, Abe, Sara

7 Wonders

Sara 59, Jon 55, Avi 53, Hershel 51, Elisheva 46, Saarya 32

Heshel brought and taught this. After the explanation, Avi arrived and took my place. I was going to help him, but he understood the game very quickly and came up with beneficial actions faster than me. First play for Sara, Elisheva, Avi and Saarya. Elisheva did well with military.

Alien Frontiers x 2

Binyamin 8, Zvi Yehuda 6, Gili 5, Moshe 5

Emily 8, Eitan 7, Sara 6, Abe 6

Sara was ahead most of the game. Eitan accidentally knocked pieces around during set-up. Ofer let them keep playing with his game when he left, they played well past midnight. Lots of colorful pretty dice.

Amun Re

Sara 42, Nadine 39, Avi 34

First play for Sara and Avi. Everyone did well, it’s a bit easier 3-player and the provinces were relatively equal.


Gili 8, Jon 7, Hershel 6, Elisheva 4

First play for Heshel and Elisheva. Jon usually wins but the rest of us keep improving – good job Gili!

Blockade Runner

Eitan 223,000, Emily 200,000, Michel 183,000, Abe 171,000

One of Eitan and Emily’s new games. Binyamin and Zvi Yehuda stopped playing during the second round.

Carson City

Nadine 52, Jon 50, Eitan 46

We played on the river side for the first time – there are only six mountains, nothing can be placed on river squares, and it acts like a mountain for mines. Jon was the only one to do anything differently, he built a bridge, but it gave me an extra point as well as him. I lost all my gunfights, in general I tried to avoid them. But losing the fights gave me two extra cowboys at the end which helped. In the last round Jon placed a cowboy on a house near buildings belonging to me and Eitan, so I placed one on a house near Jon’s buildings, which made him lose more points than I did. I had the sheriff only in the third round. Jon rolled poorly, once messing up the board and throwing the dice off the table in the same roll. Eitan won more gunfights but had only played once before.

Code 777 

Binyamin+, Zvi Yehuda, Moshe

Detroit Cleveland Grand Prix

Binyamin 360, Jon 320, Eitan 250, Nadine 210

Jon wanted a break with a light game. He fought with Binyamin over the black car, Jon had a lot of cards that helped black, but eventually gave up in the auction. Binyamin’s black car easily came in first. I was in second place until almost the end, but then didn’t have any more cards that helped me, and I had to help other people pass me. Binyamin and Eitan each had two cars.


Ofer+, Laurie, Saarya


Ofer brought and taught this. He defended against Gili and Zvi Yehuda, who succeeded in defeating him.

Egizia x 2

Abe 1st, Sara Kochman 2nd, Sara 3rd, Emily 4th

Another of Eitan and Emily’s new games. Eitan, playing Carson City, knocked a game box onto their gameboard, so they lost some information relevant to playing. They got a rule wrong which benefitted Abe.

Binyamin 127, Zvi Yehuda 114, Mike

Emily taught this to them while managing the dinner order.

It’s Alive

Kati+, Eszter, Brett

Eszter arrived later in the evening with her sister and brother-in-law. Jon taught them the game while playing Puerto Rico.


Nadine 37, Jon 31, Hershel, 26, Elisheva -1

First play for everyone except me, first time I played with correct rules. I tried to teach the game even though I realized that I didn’t know it well enough; but supplemented with the rule book it was still faster than starting from scratch. Hershel had the lowest poverty and did the best at not taking loans, Elisheva was tripped up by hers. Jon had three and still did well, I had one. As in earlier plays, the game finished faster than expected.

Louis XIV x 2

Sara 51, Saarya 46, Avi 37

I explained the game, then Saarya took over using the rule book, and Avi had played before.

Laurie 55, Gili 49, Ofer 47, Devorah 29

Devorah’s first time playing a Eurogame, she showed up in the evening after seeing a post on janglo, she didn’t know anyone. I took over for Laurie at the beginning of the last round when she had to leave, but she was in a great position, with a chip and enough money and markers so I could get 5 chips to fulfill 3 mission cards. Gili did a good job explaining and running the game, and we played her variant where the harder mission cards are 6 and 7 points instead of 5.

Kingdom Builder

Zvi Yehuda 59, Binyamin 55, Moshe 49, Kate 42

Puerto Rico

Jon 48, Nadine 45, Moshe 39, Kate 33

Kate and Moshe play this a lot, but get different buildings than we do. I wanted to see how it would work to play with them. They were a bit distracted by their tired toddler, Chana Tova. Kate started off with Hospice and got Residence at the end. Moshe had Hacienda and Construction Hut, crafted a lot, and got a late Tobacco, and no big building. I didn’t get a big building either, I got a Wharf instead, which gave me at least 10 points. But when I traded Coffee before Jon did at the beginning of the game, I got a Harbor instead of a Factory; Jon took a Factory next round. He ended up with Guild Hall and Fortress, which was just enough to beat my shipping. Jon was first player, Kate second, me third and Moshe last.

Shadows Over Camelot

Laurie, Mike, Kate, Moshe, Avi/Ruth

Ruth arrived and took over for Avi, who had to leave. Ruth has little game experience, Moshe is an experienced wargamer. Binyamin explained the game. They played without a traitor. The game ended with 6 white and 6 black swords.

Ticket to Ride Team Asia

Ofer and Laurie 115, Kate and Sara Kochman 42


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