Shalom Shalom

Shalom, Gili, Elisheva, Sara, Nadine

It’s Alive

Shalom 64, Nadine 45, Sara 42, Gili 40, Elisheva 37

I started this with Shalom, then Gili arrived and joined, and then Elisheva and Sara arrived. At that point we switched to playing the advanced game. Shalom lives in Givat Shaul and plays Eurogames with friends several times a month. He said he came to our group over a year ago. First play of It’s Alive for him, and he completed his board first, and won by a lot. He did get 3 Coffins and no Villagers, and went first, but he understood the game and played well.

First Sparks

Elisheva 14+0, Sara 13+3, Nadine 13+1, Gili 12+4, Shalom 11+0

Shalom likes Power Grid and wanted to try this, and even though we played last week we didn’t mind. The game went faster because we spent less time explaining and figuring out rules. We did have to check and correct a few things during play. The game is tough – it’s short and tight, and hard to know what’s best to do. We enjoyed playing. We let everyone place a board piece so it was a different set-up. We corrected the purchasing of tools – the last person to say yes gets it, not the first person. I was ahead in pieces on the board and had high cards, so I went first most of the time, which was OK because the tools aren’t that different. Food didn’t run out. Elisheva had the most money at the end and was ahead in placement, so she could place to 14. Gili was one food short of getting to 13, Sara was close to getting to 14.

Puerto Rico

Nadine 36,13,9,58 Elisheva 32,17,5,54 Sara 24,18,7,49 Shalom 28,11,39 (Shipping, Buildings, Bonus, Total)

Gili decided to leave, so we played Puerto Rico. Second play for Elisheva and Sara. Shalom has played a lot, but not for several years. We let people move a colonist onto Hospice. Two Hospices were bought, and mayor was taken almost every round, but the game actually ended on shipping points. Elisheva had an early coffee and tobacco, and a monopoly for quite a while, and she got Harbor, Wharf and Guild Hall. Sara had Hospice, Hacienda and Residence, but still kept taking mayor. I got an early Harbor which helped me despite not producing more than 5 goods, and I got Customs House. I had a sugar monopoly the whole game, people had sugar plantations but no one bought the building, and I had a sugar boat most of the game.

I gave Elisheva and Sara corn to start, Shalom went first and took builder large indigo, which I questioned, he also took a Hospice and Office late in the game. He says his group buys University. I took settler corn. 3 corns came out at the beginning, but not much of it the rest of the game. Elisheva and I didn’t have any quarries. Shalom had trouble getting money and was the only one without a big building. Sara had Hacienda, Hospice and Residence. I did pretty well at not giving advice.


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